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Nominations - Information

Nominations - Information

Why you should consider being an OACA Director…

Professional Development

Service on the Board of Directors can provide and fine-tune invaluable professional development skills that can advance your career, such as public speaking, communications, networking and leadership experience. It also provides exposure to other disciplines that you may not encounter in your day job, such as financial reporting and strategic planning.

Giving Back

Board service is a rewarding way to share your skill set and talent with a non-profit organization that is professionally linked to your profession.  Your help and guidance will contribute to OACA’s growth and development.

Association Development

Working on the OACA Board of Directors provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate professional value through meaningful participation in board meetings. It assists with building relationships with related professionals across the Province. Representation from Northern Ontario is also encouraged to ensure the direction of the Association reflects views from across the Province.

Fresh Ideas & Expertise

The Board is looking for new members to provide fresh ideas and expertise in areas of  education development, finance, governance/policy, administration, event planning, and communications/social media to maintain and enhance the delivery of services to our members.

How long is a term on the Board of Directors?

Each Director has a term of three (3) years or until his or her qualified successor shall have been duly elected.

What is Involved?

The Board meets at least three (3)  times per year, or as often as necessary, (depending on initiatives and events). Where possible, teleconferencing is being used to increase convenience, efficiency and to reduce costs and time associated with live meetings. A tentative meeting schedule will be confirmed at the first meeting of the Board (in June, after conference) and may be modified throughout the year to accommodate scheduling. Board Members will be assigned to Committees at the start of their term (June 2019). Finance, Nominations & Governance Committees are legislated by the Constitution, however, Committees will also be established by the Board to accommodate special project areas such as event planning, education, administration etc. Annually, the elected members of the Board will appoint a President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary (please see OACA’s Constitution for more information). You must have regular access to emails to ensure the business of the Board is addressed in a timely manner. An average time commitment of 1 – 2 hours per month (not including meetings) may be required to complete assigned projects. The month before an event (i.e. September and May) tend to be busier given the increased workload. Board members may be required to complete an annual committee report in areas of work assigned to them to provide an update to the membership on Board activities. Are expenses covered? Expenses for travel and accommodation are covered for all live meetings. Expenses for the annual Conference & Seminar, including registration fees, are covered for Board members.

Am I eligible? 

To be eligible to serve as Director:

  • You must be an Active Member of the Association in good standing.
  • Active members are restricted to Committee Members, Secretary Treasurers & Assistant Secretary Treasurers of Committees of Adjustment, Land Division Committees and Consent Granting Authorities.

What positions are available?

OACA will be accepting nominations for the following positions on the Board of Directors:

  • Three (3) Director positions, each for a three-year term commencing June 2020

Nomination Process

Information about the 2020 Nomination process will be provided here when available.

You do not need to attend the Annual Meeting (2020 Conference) to run for a position on the Board of Directors. You can submit all documentation electronically, if required.

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