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About OACA

OACA is a not for profit volunteer Association whose business is conducted by an elected nine (9) member Board of Directors, governed by a Constitution. The membership of the Association consists of Secretary-Treasurers of Committees of Adjustment and Land Division Committees, Appointed Members who sit on these Committees and some associate members who work in the area of consents and minor variances. Members of the Committees can be locally appointed residents, Members of Council or a combination of both who have the responsibility to provide fair and sensitive adjudication on applications for relief from municipal Zoning By-laws or applications for various types of consents.

The Secretary-Treasurers are usually municipal staff persons. The combination of having both staff and committee members in one organization makes OACA a unique and dynamic organization that responds to a variety of interests and needs for its membership. Our mandate is to educate our members and lobby the Provincial Government for changes in Legislation and Regulations to assist in streamlining the Minor Variance and Consent processes, including the reduction of "red tape". This Province-wide Association provides many opportunities for our members to learn and discuss the application and implementation of existing and proposed legislation.

We offer an economical one day seminar annually as well as an annual four (4) day conference together with our Annual General Meeting. OACA events are held at different locations throughout the Province, generally in the spring and fall of the year. Both the seminar and conference formats consist of hands-on practical workshops and keynote luncheon speakers on topics of interest for all of our members. These OACA functions offer a great opportunity to exchange ideas, network and help promote a Province-wide consistent approach to interpreting and implementing legislation that affects the day-to-day operations and decisions of Committees of Adjustment and Land Division Committees.

The Association also offers a correspondence course, entitled "Primer on Planning", twice per year. Through one of our partnering initiatives, the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO) delivers the course. The successful completion of this course is one in a number of criteria required to be recognized professionally as an Accredited Committee Secretary-Treasurer (ACST). We offer an economical membership in OACA to attract as many municipal staff and Committee members as possible to our Association. A strong, diverse and educated membership with hands-on experience with the Planning Act will assist in providing a consistent approach and better service for Committees of Adjustment and Land Division Committees across Ontario. If you are interested in participating in this highly professional, progressive and dynamic organization, please fill out a membership form.