• The Nominations Committee shall consist of the Past-President and at least one other member of the Board of Directors.
  • The Nominations Committee shall consider and recommend a suggested slate of officers for each office, and shall present the suggested slate of officers to the Membership at the Annual Meeting. All candidates must indicate in writing to the Nominations Committee, their willingness to let their name stand for the office, prior to the presentation of the suggested slate of officers to the membership at the annual meeting.
  • The Nominations Committee shall make every effort to select candidates for office representing:
  • 1) Members of Committees of Adjustments and Land Division Committees. 2) Members of a Consent Granting Authority, or an official having authority to grant consents. 3) Secretary-Treasurers of Committees of Adjustment, Land Division Committees and Officials of Consent Granting Authorities, as applicable. 4) As many parts of the Province as possible.

Nominations Committee Representatives: Andreas Petersen, Linda Gavey